Our Services

TN Pumps Solution in one of the leading companies in Thailand for rotating equipment related services which includes energy efficiency services for pumping systems, diagnostics and consultancy services, installation and commissioning, in-house repair of any pump brand, vibration analyses and alignment as well as cloud monitoring and learning artificial intelligence systems to support the operators save cost and make more balanced decisions.

Our Specialization

We have a large team of mechanical, electrical and software engineers and service staff to assure the best MTBF in the Industry as well as further operational cost savings with our broad variety of services case to case, on contract or subscription basis.

In House Pump Repair

Pump Repair any Brand
Static Pressure Test
Performance Test
Failure Analysis Report
In-house training
Consignment stock

On Site Services

Pump Installation/ Removal
Pump Alignment Pump
Supply System and Piping
Overhaul at site
Site Performance Test
Pump Inspection & MTBF
Supervision Site training
Technical Support

Sales Service

Spare Parts
Replacement Pumps
Service Contracts
Energy Audits
Industry 4.0