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Engineered & Tailored to your process fully Industry 4.0 enabled

Our goal with our partners Speck & Flux made in Germany to create tailor made engineered liquid & vacuum pump solutions to reduce operating cost, increase reliability and assure connectivity to Industry 4.0 with our self learning optimized solutions to constantly improve your processes.

Our Partner Speck Pumpen Walter Speck GmbH & Co. KG

Pumps and drivers for the highest demands

The Speck Group, with its headquarters in Roth in Germany, is a family-run enterprise in the mechanical engineering sector that manufactures high-quality liquid, vacuum pumps and compressors for industrial applications.

Speck has been active in this market for over 100 years and supplies its products to original equipment manufacturers and systems manufacturers in over 80 countries. Manufacturing is usually order-based.

See the PDF product summary for a full product overview

Product Summary SPECK


FLUX – More then just pumps….

Pumping, emptying, mixing, filling and metering ‒ when liquids are set in motion the requirements are very diverse. In any case the process must run smoothly. This is what the FLUX brand name stands for. It is recognised across the globe as a byword for quality, for safety and for solutions which are able to fulfil every single demand on a long-term basis.

Smooth-running processes ‒ FLUX not only guarantees this for liquids which are relatively easy to pump but also when the pumping medium is viscous or doesn’t flow at all, when it is aggressive or used in processes which are common in the hygiene sector or sectors where there is an explosion hazard. To ensure that the tasks are solved in the best possible way for the customer FLUX has a huge range of expertise to offer. In other words, a lot more than just pumps. 

See the PDF product summary for a full product overview

Product Summary FLUX

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TN Pumps Solution deliver high quality pump solutions for industrial applications in a variety of segments like food processing, chemical, sugar, paper, steel, wood, pharma, cosmetic and many more…

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A broad range of pumps including:

Regenerative turbine
Side Channel Displacement
Liquid Ring Vacuum


A broad range of pumps including:

Eccentric worm-drive
Drum emptying systems
Centrifugal immersion
Air-operated diaphragm


We can engineer your liquid or vacuum system to your process conditions including ejectors, blowers other related equipment.​

Industry 4.0

We deliver a full suit of smart solutions connected to the cloud or connected to your local DCS system.


We have a well experienced service team for commissioning, repairs, service contracts and alignment.

Energy Audit​

Invite us for energy audit to review the current pump system in terms of optimizing your process and reduce energy cost. We have a full range of products like coatings and VFD available.




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